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 = Workshops = = Workshops =
-* [[:sesiuni:data_science|Data Science ​with Python, Scala and Apache Spark]]+* [[:sesiuni:science_of_photography|The Science ​of Photography. A Journey from Photon to JPEG.]] 
 +* [[:​sesiuni:​image-processing|The (Black) Magic of Pixels. An Image Processing Primer.]]
 * [[:​sesiuni:​scala|Scala and functional programming]] * [[:​sesiuni:​scala|Scala and functional programming]]
 * [[:​sesiuni:​lemas|Multi-Agent Systems and Learning Agents]] * [[:​sesiuni:​lemas|Multi-Agent Systems and Learning Agents]]
 +* [[:​sesiuni:​linux_debugging|An Introduction to Advanced Debug Techniques for Linux SDK]]
 +* [[:​sesiuni:​data_science|Data Science with Python, Scala and Apache Spark]]
 +* [[:​sesiuni:​quantum-comp|Quantum Computation & Cryptography]]
 +* [[:​design_patterns|Design Patterns]]
 +* [[:​sesiuni:​advanced_cpp|Advanced C++]]
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