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Date Interval Room
6 August 2015 09:00-13:00 EG306


Ralph van Roosmalen


Lego Scrum Workshop

Duration: aprox. 3 hours and promised, you won't feel bored

Format: Interactive game, we assume you love to play with Lego…

Description: The goal of the workshop is to let students experience Scrum, not just listen to the boring theory and watch a lot of slides. Really experience Scrum yourself. ( Some detailed info but be warned... spoiler alert! )

Max number of participants: 25 persons

Targeted audience: all IT Students

Pre-requsites: We don't have time to extensively discuss and explain Scrum. Scrum is dead simple, if you read this document you have all the official knowledge about Scrum. We will do a short recap about the theory at the start of the Workshop but we would like to keep it to a minimum, so pleas read this document at home. It is just 16 pages ;)

Language: My Romanian is not that good… :), so the workshop will be in English.

Registration: Please register using this form

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