5 - Pattern Matching

Today we cover pattern matching, one of Scala's most powerful features.

You can find today's contents here.


Let us have a simple hierarchy for dealing with mathematical expressions:

trait Expr
case class Number(n: Int) extends Expr
case class Sum(e1: Expr, e2: Expr) extends Expr
  1. Write a simple function that uses pattern matching and converts an Expr to a human readable String, e.g. 1 + 2:
    def show(e: Expr): String 
  2. Add a new case class for products, call it Prod.
    Modify your function to show the correct String representation, with the correct precedence shown by parentheses.
    Try to minimize the number of parentheses.
    For example Sum(Prod(Number(2), Number(1)), Number(3)).show should return “2 * 1 + 3”.
    ButProd(Sum(Number(2), Number(1)), Number(3)).show should return “(2 + 1) * 3”.
  3. Let's complicate this a bit.
    Create a new Case class for variables, call it Var which takes a String as a parameter.
    This will denote a variable in a mathematical expression.
    Incorporate this into the show function you have just created.
  4. We now want to evaluate a mathematical expression composed of numbers, sums, products and variables.
    Use pattern matching and write a method in Expr
     def eval(vars: Map[String,Int]): Int 

    which returns the numerical value of the mathematical expression.
    The vars parameter denotes all the variable name-value associations so you could replace Vars with their corresponding numerical value.
    If a variable cannot be found in the map, consider it to be 0.

  5. (Challenge) Now the hard stuff. Write a function which converts a mathematical expression given as a String to an Expr
    • start small: parse a number first, then variables, then sums, then products
    • parse parentheses - create an auxiliary function which determines the substring in between two corresponding parentheses, then call eval recursively
    • evaluate some mathematical expressions!
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