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 Mentor: Andru Gheorghiu <​gheorghiuandru@gmail.com>​\\ Mentor: Andru Gheorghiu <​gheorghiuandru@gmail.com>​\\
-Maximum number of students: 50 
 == Overview == == Overview ==
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 This workshop aims to give a general introduction into these topics and to convey the new thinking, excitement and challenges that go with quantum information science. This workshop aims to give a general introduction into these topics and to convey the new thinking, excitement and challenges that go with quantum information science.
 +If you want to know more about quantum information research in Romania check out the [[https://​roqnet.ro/​about/​|Romanian Quantum Network (RoQnet)]] or contact Dr. Radu Ionicioiu ([[r.ionicioiu@theory.nipne.ro|r.ionicioiu@theory.nipne.ro]]) and Dr. Mona Mihailescu ([[mona.mihailescu@physics.pub.ro|mona.mihailescu@physics.pub.ro]]).
 == Goals == == Goals ==
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 Dates: **Aug 20th** - **Aug 24th**\\  ​ Dates: **Aug 20th** - **Aug 24th**\\  ​
 Times: **7pm-9pm** \\  Times: **7pm-9pm** \\ 
-Location: Universitatea Politehnica Bucuresti, ​Facultatea de Automatica si Calculatoare\\  +Location: Universitatea Politehnica Bucuresti, ​[[https://​www.google.com/​maps/​place/​Precis+Building,​+University+Politehnica+of+Bucharest/​@44.4349139,​26.0455788,​17z/​data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x40b201c5d9db3f3f:​0xbdba58e7b0027a19!8m2!3d44.4349139!4d26.0477676|cladirea PRECIS]]\\  
-Room: **TBA**+Room: ** PR001** 
 +== Outline == 
 +   - Monday, 20 Aug 
 +      * **Introduction**:​ A brief history of quantum computation and quantum cryptography,​ what makes them interesting and the current state of the art. Slides [[http://​swarm.cs.pub.ro/​~agheorghiu/​QW3/​Day%201%20-%20intro%20(complete).pdf|here]]. 
 +      * **What'​s quantum about quantum computing?​**:​ A simple explanation of what makes quantum special and why quantum algorithms could outperform classical algorithms at certain tasks. Slides [[http://​swarm.cs.pub.ro/​~agheorghiu/​QW3/​Day%201%20-%20quantum%20(complete).pdf|here]]. 
 +   - Tuesday, 21 Aug 
 +      * **How to make a physical theory 101**: We'll discuss the core elements that characterize a physical theory, how these apply to quantum mechanics and how this takes us to quantum information. Slides [[http://​swarm.cs.pub.ro/​~agheorghiu/​QW3/​Day%202%20-%20howto%20(complete).pdf|here]]. 
 +      * **Quantum information basics**: Qubits and quantum gates and how to use them to make quantum algorithms. We'll also look at a simple quantum computation on the IBM quantum chip. Slides [[http://​swarm.cs.pub.ro/​~agheorghiu/​QW3/​Day%202%20-%20qinfo%20(complete).pdf|here]]. 
 +   - Wednesday 22 Aug 
 +      * **Quantum algorithms**:​ Continuing with algorithms, we'll look at the quantum algorithms of Simon and Shor. Slides [[http://​swarm.cs.pub.ro/​~agheorghiu/​QW3/​Day%203%20-%20alg%20(complete).pdf|here]]. 
 +      * **Post-quantum cryptography**:​ Given that Shor's algorithm compromises the security of many public-key crypto protocols, we'll discuss a potential fix, namely post-quantum cryptography. Slides [[http://​swarm.cs.pub.ro/​~agheorghiu/​QW3/​Day%203%20-%20pqcrypto%20(complete).pdf|here]]. 
 +   - Thursday, 23 Aug 
 +      * **Quantum cryptography**:​ An introduction to quantum cryptography and the BB84 quantum key distribution protocol. Slides [[http://​swarm.cs.pub.ro/​~agheorghiu/​QW3/​Day%204%20qcrypto%20(complete).pdf|here]]. 
 +      * **Entanglement and device-independence**:​ We'll see how quantum entanglement allows us to have secure protocols even in the presence of untrusted quantum devices, or so-called device-independent protocols. Slides [[http://​swarm.cs.pub.ro/​~agheorghiu/​QW3/​Day%204%20qdi%20(complete).pdf|here]]. 
 +   - Friday, 24 Aug 
 +      * **Quantum hardware**: How do we physically realize qubits and quantum gates? A look at the basics of quantum hardware. Slides [[http://​swarm.cs.pub.ro/​~agheorghiu/​QW3/​Day%205%20qhardware%20(complete).pdf|here]]. 
 +      * **Fault tolerance and the future**: We end by discussing how quantum devices can cope with noise and imperfections as well as discuss the outlook for future implementations. Slides [[http://​swarm.cs.pub.ro/​~agheorghiu/​QW3/​Day%205%20qecc%20(complete).pdf|here]]. 
 == Prerequisites == == Prerequisites ==
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 == Registration == == Registration ==
-Register [[https://​docs.google.com/​forms/​d/​e/​1FAIpQLScIvYd3NBHporDXxFwWDHnM3lgCVGwiQv0M_RM2mTOsuUvHiQ/​viewform|here]]+Registration is closed.
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