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Design Entropy – Perspectives on Liskov Substitution

When and Where?

  • 25 iunie 2013
  • ora 09:00
  • Sala: EC004, Facultatea de Automatică și Calculatoare. Vezi harta pentru detalii. == Registration ==

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Catalin Tudor

Topics covered

This is part of Software Quality Series courses, which aims to offer a new perspective of design principles and software development. The final purpose is to achieve a better software quality.

Design Entropy is a completely new concept, which offers a metric useful in designing complex software applications, and Liskov Substitution is a very good principle to understand more about Design Entropy.

This two hours presentation is recommended for those who want to follow the Design Patterns Workshop.

Course Agenda

  • Define Liskov Substitution
  • Show a simple design choice that breaks LSP
  • Identify ways to meaningfuly validate a class as LSP compliant
  • Introduce and define a new design validation concept: Design Entropy
  • Show how Design Entropy metric can help with validating LSP
  • Analyze other design concepts using Design Entropy
  • Design Entropy - challenges and future developments == References ==

To find out more about the subject follow this two links:

[1] Liskov Substitution Principle
[2] Entropy (Information Theory)

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