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   - **__Awards__**   - **__Awards__**
-More details @ [[https://​community.freescale.com/​community/​uvp/​linux-embedded-challenge|Freescale]]+ 
 +== More details ​ == 
 +Linux Embedded Challenge is started by Freescale Romania in collaboration with TechNexion (Wandbard) for promoting Linux programming within the student community.  
 +For more details about the challenge, please contact:  
 +  * [[mailto:​roxana.dragomir@freescale.com|Roxana Dragomir]] 
 +  * [[mailto:​stefanalexandru.malinici@freescale.com|Stefan Alexandru Malinci]] 
 +or access the [[https://​community.freescale.com/​community/​uvp/​linux-embedded-challenge|official page of the Linux Embedded Challenge on Freescale ​Website]]
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