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 |Radu Cristina Georgeta| |Radu Cristina Georgeta|
 |Tarhon Georgiana Narcisa| |Tarhon Georgiana Narcisa|
 +|Doru-Florin Blanzeanu|
 +|Adina Budriga|
 +|Vasile Toncu|
 +|Adelin Dobre|
 +|Cristian Nancu|
 +|Andrei Docea|
 +|Stefan Buica|
 +|Andrei Dobre|
 +|Diana Hintiu|
 +|Roxana Liscan|
 +|Roxana Daniela Florea|
 +|Andrei Neagu|
 +|Roxana-Steliana Capitanu|
 +|Raluca Grigorescu|
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