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 #* <​del>​Grab a coffee.</​del>​ Listen to the presentation. #* <​del>​Grab a coffee.</​del>​ Listen to the presentation.
 # Find some work to do # Find some work to do
-# Setup git +# Setup git <​code>​ 
-#* ''​git config --global user.name "​Firstname Lastname"​''​ +git config --global user.name "​Firstname Lastname"​ 
-#* ''​git config --global user.email "​your_email@youremail.com"​''​ +git config --global user.email "​your_email@youremail.com"​ 
-#* ''​git config --global sendemail.smtpserver smtp.gmail.com''​ +git config --global sendemail.smtpserver smtp.gmail.com 
-#* ''​git config --global sendemail.smtpserverport 587''​ +git config --global sendemail.smtpserverport 587 
-#* ''​git config --global sendemail.smtpencryption tls''​ +git config --global sendemail.smtpencryption tls 
-#* ''​git config --global sendemail.smtpuser your_email@gmail.com''​+git config --global sendemail.smtpuser your_email@gmail.com 
 # Patch creation workflow # Patch creation workflow
 #* Create development branch #* Create development branch
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