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Tweλve days of functional programming

Haskell is not far from being a fully competitive language for professional game development. We'll explore how we can produce amazingly simple Haskell code that, at least in some respects, surpasses what the traditional gaming industry is doing nowadays.

When and Where?

Fill out the form after solving the programming assignment and the riddle. Deadline: 26.06.2015, late evening.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask them here.

Presenters and Trainers

Lucian Mogoșanu


Dan Șerban




Mihai Chirculescu
Dan Iulian Muntean
George-Cristian Muraru
Cristian Valentin Buza
Maximilian Alexandru
Tudor Dasco
Theodor Stoican
Anca-Diana Vicol
Stefan Alexandru Serb
Dragos Paun
Ioan-Raul Vintila
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