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Graphics Design Workshop

When and where?

  • 1 - 5 july 2013, between 17:30 and 20:30
  • Room: EG102


Special Guests

* Basic graphic design elements (layers, brushes, vector vs raster, etc)

  • Introduction to commonly used tools (pen tool, text tool, shear tool, etc)
  • Basic photo editing (color correction, pimple/wrinkle removal, red-eye correction, etc)
  • Guidelines to a great logo design
  • Branding - concept and ideas


Nume și prenume Facultate Anul de studiu
Bucur Stefan-Lucian ACS 3

Bucur Stefan-Lucian Bagâș Timur Bucur Taisia Chiroiu Marius Cretan Bianca Andrada Cristea Camelia Nicoleta Daria Nedelcu Rodica Georgiana Popescu Oana-Florentina Preda Ileana-Andreea Sava Cristina Georgiana Spataru Florina Gabriela Stoian Bogdan Ştefan Andra Simona Toia Madalina

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