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 == Registration == == Registration ==
-Please fill in [[https://​www.eventbrite.com/​e/​cp100a-enrollment-form-tickets-17452889061|CP100A Enrollment form]] ​latest by July 15, 2015. +Registration currently closed due to the fact that all available seats are filled in. 
-Besides the prerequisites and equipment requirements, ​please take into consideration that you need to have a Gmail account when you register. +You can still register on the wait list in case any vacancy occurs ( [[https://​www.eventbrite.com/​e/​cp100a-google-cloud-platform-fundamentals-bucharest-tickets-17452889061?aff=rosedu|CP100A Enrollment form]] ​please take into consideration that you need to have a Gmail or Google Apps account when you register) Thank you!
 == About the Organizer == == About the Organizer ==
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