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CP100A: Google Cloud Platform Fundamentals Training

Speed up your skills!

Google Cloud Platform enables developers to build, test and deploy applications on Google’s highly­scalable and reliable infrastructure (e.g. to develop simple websites or different complex applications, to design gaming solutions, mobile application or Handoop on Google Compute Engine).

Do you want an example? HTC which manages a 2 to 3 mil. smartphones network ­ used Google Cloud Platform to build a new computing architecture that enables smartphone apps to update data fast and reliably to many devices at once. Writing great code is essential in order to develop solutions using Google Cloud Platform, and the first step for your new learning path is CP100A: Google Cloud Platform Fundamentals Training.

Course Description

This 1 day instructor­-led class introduces participants to Google Cloud Platform products and services. Through a combination of instructor-­led presentations, demonstrations, and hands­on labs, students learn the value of Google Cloud Platform and how to incorporate cloud­based solutions into business strategies.

More details about the course outline here. Trainer: Bogdan Nourescu is a 5+ years experience senior Web Developer and the only Google Cloud Platform Authorized Trainer from Romania.

When and Where?

July 18, 2015 | UPB ­ Faculty of Automatic Control and Computer Science, Room: EG301

CP100A Agenda

9:30­-10:00 -­ Participants registration

Module Title Duration Time
Module 1 Introducing Google Cloud Platform 0:10:00 10:00 - 10:10
Module 2 Google Cloud Platform 0:15:00 10:10 - 10:25
Module 3 Examples of Using Google Cloud Platform 0:10:00 10:25 - 10:35
Module 4 Interacting with Google Cloud Platform 0:15:00 10:35 - 10:50
Module 5 Getting Started with Projects 0:10:00 10:50 - 11:00
Module 6 Google Compute Engine 0:45:00 11:20 - 12:05
Module 7 Google Container Engine 0:45:00 12:05 - 12:50
Module 8 Google App Engine 0:45:00 13:35 - 14:15
Coffee Break 0:20:00 11:00 - 11:20
Lunch Break 0:40:00 12:50 - 13:35
Module 9 Google Cloud Datastore 0:45:00 14:15 - 15:00
Module 10 Google Cloud Storage 0:45:00 15:00 - 15:45
Module 11 Google Cloud SQL 0:45:00 16:30 - 16:50
Module 12 Google BigQuery 0:45:00 16:50 - 17:35
Module 13 Support and Resources 0:25:00 17:35 - 18:00
Coffee Break 0:20:00 15:45 - 16:30

Target Audience, Prerequisites and Equipment

Audience: ● Systems Operations students/professionals, Solution Developers, and Solutions Architects using Google Cloud Platform to create or migrate applications and application environments ● Business leaders who are evaluating cloud solutions or are new to Google Cloud Platform

Prerequisites: ● Basic proficiency with command­line tools ● Familiarity with one or more programming languages such as Java or Python

Equipment required: All training attendees need to bring their own laptop and be comfortable to install additional software (we will provide a full list before the start of the training)

Language: English, Romanian


Please fill in CP100A Enrollment form latest by July 15, 2015. Besides the prerequisites and equipment requirements, please take into consideration that you need to have a Gmail account when you register.

About the Organizer

CP100A: Google Cloud Platform Fundamentals Training is organized by ROSEdu in partnership with Atlas Networking. Atlas Networking is an Information Technology and Service company that serves large, medium or small business to grow by using innovative cloud technology.

We are a Google Training Partner because we want to contribute to global talent map and support developers to harness the full power of Google Cloud Platform. Google Cloud Sales and Services Partner | Google for Work Premier Partner | Google Cloud Training Partner | Google I/O Extended Organizer

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