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Eclipse Plugins Development

Date Time Room
8 - 12 iulie 2013 17:30 - 20:30 EG106


  • Java programming
  • Linux fundamentals and principles


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Radu Farcaș

Cătălin Udma

Adrian Stan

Dorin Ciuca

Teodor Madan


  • Eclipse SDK (virtual machine image) == Sessions ==
Session Description
1. Eclipse Overview Eclipse Project Introduction, Development Tools. Eclipse as Rich Client Platform
2. Linux Tools Eclipse Integration. Presentation of Linux Tools
3. Plug-Ins Development Development Tutorial. Plug-in Mechanism. Write your first Eclipse Plug-In
4. Visualization Plug-In Developing Eclipse Visualization Tools. Developing Eclipse Plug-In for strace and ptrace on x86
5. Modeling Framework Eclipse Modeling Framework. Building Domain Specific Languages.
6. Data Binding in Eclipse JFace Data Binding
7. Eclipse Community Contributing to Eclipse Community
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