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Eclipse Plugins Development

Date Time Room
8 - 12 iulie 2013 17:30 - 20:30 EG106


  • Java programming
  • Linux fundamentals and principles


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Radu Farcaș

Cătălin Udma

Adrian Stan

Dorin Ciuca

Teodor Madan


  • Eclipse SDK (virtual machine image) == Sessions ==
Session Description
1.Eclipse Overview Eclipse Project Introduction, Development Tools. Eclipse as Rich Client Platform
2.Linux Tools Eclipse Integration. Presentation of Linux Tools
3.Plug-Ins Development Development Tutorial. Plug-in Mechanism. Write your first Eclipse Plug-in
4.Visualization Developing Eclipse Visualization Tools. Developing Eclipse Visualization Plug-ins for strace, ptrace on x86
5.Modeling Framework Eclipse Modeling Framework. Building Domain Specific Languages.
6.Data binding in Eclipse
7.Eclipse Community Contributing to Eclipse Community
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