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 == Agenda == == Agenda ==
-C/C++ Build ToolsPreprocessor,​ Compiler, Assembler, Linker +[[sesiuni:compiler:intro| Introduction]] 
-* General Compiler StructureFront-end, Back-end, Optimizations +[[sesiuni:compiler:​layout| ​The LLVM Directory Layout]] 
-Front-endLexical Analysis, Syntax Analysis, Semantic Analysis +[[sesiuni:​compiler:​libtooling | Clang LibTooling]] 
-The LLVM Directory Layout +[[sesiuni:​compiler:​ast | The Clang AST]] 
-* Clang LibTooling +[[sesiuni:​compiler:​highlighting | C Syntax Highlighting]] 
-* The Clang AST +[[sesiuni:​compiler:​ir | The LLVM IR]] 
-* C Syntax Highlighting +[[sesiuni:​compiler:​opt | The LLVM Optimization Engine]]
-* The LLVM IR +
-* The LLVM Optimization Engine+
 * C Tips & Tricks * C Tips & Tricks
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