Blockchain Introduction


  • Robert Tanase
  • Bogdan Neacsu
  • Cosmin Prunaru

Maximum number of students: 20


Have you ever heard of Bitconnect? (

Have you ever heard of Bitcoin? Maybe Ethereum? These two technologies have one cool thing in common which makes them very popular these days: Blockchain.

Blockchain is an emergent technology which enables storage in a distributed manner, can provide anonymity and an immutable record of what happened along the way. It represents the underlying technology of the now well known cryptocurrency phenomenon. However, the use of blockchains is not limited to digital currencies and novel applications of this technology are currently being developed.

Are you curious why big companies like IBM, Samsung or J.P. Morgan are interested in blockchain? If your answer is yes, then come along for two weeks of fun learning and discover why everyone is so hyped up about this technology.

In this workshop we will take a short journey into the world of distributed systems, consensus algorithms, smart contracts and cryptocurrencies.


At the end of this workshop you will be familiar with:

  • Distributed storage systems
  • How consensus is achieved in a network
  • What are crypto-currencies (in case you didn’t knew already)
  • How to build a minimal blockchain

Format and Curriculum

There will be two workshops every week. In the first half of the workshop we will talk about the theory behind blockchain and in the second half we will write some code for a better understanding of the presented concepts.

  1. Basics of Blockchain (30 July, 19:00)
  2. Smart Contracts (1 August, 19:00)
  3. Consensus Algorithms (6 August, 19:00)
  4. Hands-on session (8 August, 19:00)


The workshop is targeted for students in the 2nd, 3rd and 4th year of studies at Computer Science. Any knowledge of the blockchain technology is considered a plus but not a must, and some familiarity with Linux is required.


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