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 +<h1> Advanced C++ </​h1>​ 
 +<h2> Objectives </​h2>​ 
 +Latest changes of the C++ standard, C++ 11, C++ 14 and the future C++ 17 are introducing new concepts within the C++ language  
 +aiming to make the language more efficient and more intuitive. It is imperative for a C++ programmer to get familiar with these  
 +concepts as they will become more and more common. This introductory course aims to present some important concepts from C++ 11  
 +and 14 using a comprehensive set on small example programs to help their understanding. 
 +<h2> Prerequisites </​h2>​ 
 +Medium knowledge of C++ 03 programming is required in order to maximize the benefits of attending to course. 
 +<h2> Topics </​h2>​ 
 +<h3> RValue references and LValue references </​h3>​ 
 +<li> Move semantics. </​li>​ 
 +<li> std::move and std::​forward </​li>​ 
 +<li> Universal references </​li>​ 
 +<li> Implementing move semantics using BOOST </​li>​ 
 +<h3> Smart pointers </​h3>​ 
 +<li> std::​unique_ptr,​ std::​shared_ptr,​ std::​weak_ptr </​li>​ 
 +<li> RAII - Resource Acquisition Is Initialization </​li>​ 
 +<li> Smart pointers avalable in BOOST </​li>​ 
 +<h3> Smart classes </​h3>​ 
 +<li> Elements that compose a smart class </​li>​ 
 +<li> Traits </​li>​ 
 +<h3> Levels of exception safety and how to achieve them </​h3>​ 
 +<li> Guidelines</​li>​ 
 +<li> Noexcept</​li>​ 
 +<h3> New elements in C++ 11 and 14 which make programming tasks simpler</​h3>​ 
 +<li> Lambda expressions </​li>​ 
 +<li> Auto </​li>​ 
 +<li> Trailing return type syntax </​li>​ 
 +<li> BOOST replacements </​li>​ 
 +<h3> Concurrency in C++ </​h3>​ 
 +== Organizers ==  
 +[[mailto:​mpreda@ixiacom.com|Mircea Preda, IXIA]] 
 +== Registration == 
 +Advanced C++ registration is now closed. 
 +== When and Where? == 
 +^  Date  ^  Time          ^  Room  | 
 +| 17, 18, 19 August 2016 | 17:00-19:40 |  EG106 | 
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