"Haskell from N00b to Real World Programmer" Workshop

workshop :: (Summer a, Haskell b, Person c) => Noob b c -> a -> Expert b c
workshop student now = const (const Done)

When and Where?

  • Days: July, 8 to 13 (excluding 10th of July)
  • Hours: starting at 8 in the morning, ending near 11 in the morning
  • Room: EG102

Presenters and Trainers

Mihai Maruseac

Lucian Mogoșanu

Dan Șerban



Nume și prenume Facultate Anul de studiu
Teodor Szente CNCV
Theodor Vararu FMI 1
Radu-Sebastian Amarie FMI 3
Cojocaru Lucia Madalina ACS 1
Georgiana Diana Ciocirdel ACS 1
Mihai Varga ACS 1
Andrei Epure ACS 4
Nănuți Diana-Maria ACS 2
Preda Andrei ACS 2
Bagâș Timur ACS 1
Opriceană Cristina Georgiana ACS 2
Stoian Mihaela Cătălina CNITV
Grad Alexandru ACS absolvit
Erlich Sebastian ACS 2
Ioana-Adina Stavăr ACS 2


See repository for detailed output.

Day 1 (8th of July)

  1. Introduction. History and Syntax. - PDF
  2. Types. - PDF

Day 2 (9th of July)

  1. Packaging and Distributing Code. - PDF
  2. The Awesome xmonad Window Manager. - PDF
  3. Thunks and infinite lists a.k.a. You're not in Kansas anymore, Dorothy - PDF

Day 3 (11th of July)

  1. Programming with State and Style. - PDF
  2. GTK - PDF

Day 4 (12th of July)

  1. Beautiful Diagrams - PDF
  2. Static Site Generation. Creating Real-World Web Applications. (Hakyll and Yesod) - PDF

Day 5 (13th of July)

Hackathon Day.

Proposed projects:

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